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Prayer Requests

Post your prayer request so the members of ATWM can pray for you.

loved one

over a year ago by charmayne sadiq Pray for me
My dear loving father , i come to you with a prayer and a request , which you already know before i write it down , my father as you know from which situation i am going through , i am stressed , broken and lonely these days , you are my one and only hope and i believe and trust you fully . Father you know that i love azam william alot and never had any bad intentions towards him , his family or his money , i dont know why he thinks negative and bad about me , you know my every feeling and intentions , i have really loved him alot and still continues to love him , father please make him realize what he did to me was not fair nor good , i want you to change his mind and heart in jesus christ name and he would come back to me and accept me , i want him to be my life partner and i promise to you my lord that i will be sincere and faithful to him for the rest of my life , and for the girl whom azam mom has selected to be his wife i pray that she may have a good , loving and future

My Family

over a year ago by Gabrielle Malone Pray for me
Hello everyone, I just wanted to take time out to ask for prayer for my family. We are going through hard times, and I just ask if you keep us in your prayers. I pray every day that something lifechanging could happen to change the energy and the lives of all of us because we been through alot. I'm in college and so are my two sisters so we need it. Thanks


over a year ago by Cheryl Pray for me
Restoration of the relationship between Johan & Cheryl. For all soul ties between Johan & his ex-girlfriend Nanette to be broken. For deliverance from fornication, unholy & ungodly behaviour. For Johan to derive no satisfaction from unholy and ungodly behaviour and associating with people that behave in that manner, to derive no satisfaction from fornication and to feel the conviction from the Holy Spirit to repent and turn away from this behaviour. For Johan to turn from his past and Nanette & all people he is connected to through her & for him not to look back. Gen 19:26,Luke 9:62,Heb 10:37,1 John 2:15. We thank you that the Cross of Jesus is between Johan & his past & Nanette & all unholy & ungodly ties. Holy Spirit bring to remembrance the word sown into Johan

health and job

over a year ago by wonda Pray for me
i got fired a few weeks ago bad misunderstandings and i have really bad depressoin and aniexty attacks and I need my job back im going to talk to my boss tommrow,and tell him im sorry and explain my reasons for the misunderstanding .please pray he will take into consideratoin and give me another chance and pray for my momthers health to get beter virginia hall.thank you all and god bless my name is wonda longtin.


over a year ago by Katarina Djordjevic Pray for me
Please, pray: That Our Lord God strength the relationship between Dejan M. and me! That any barriers between us will be removed permanently and that we may have a lifetime of happpiness and love together! THAT GOD HELP DEJAN M. TO MAKE DISTANCE FROM PEOPLE WHO ENJOY IN DESTROYING RELATIONSHIPS (THAT GOES SPECIALLY FOR SUZANA, EMINA, DAVID, ANJA) Thank you for all your prayers May God bless you always! Katarina from Belgrade in Serbia


over a year ago by Phil Pray for me
Please Pray my soulmate has already been prepared for me and I have already been prepared for my soulmate.Pray GOD unites me and my soulmate together real soon.Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years...Prov 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life...Pray everyone who has Prayed for me to get a soulmate in the past years,GOD will remind those people to Pray for me to get a soulmate over and over again and again.Pray GOD will lead many people to see this Prayer Request and Pray GOD puts it in their hearts to Pray for this Prayer Request....Phil C.

please pray for this

over a year ago by therese Pray for me

financial crisis

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
Please pray that the father would bless me and grant me favor financially. I cannot find a post-doc placement to continue with my calling and I don't have money left to pay my bills. If anyone is willing to help me out financially, I would greatly appreciate it in my time of need. I don't want my family to be evicted because I cannot afford to pay the rent. My Bank of America account number is: 121000358-0843266724.Thnks to all the bothers and sisters in Christ who are in a position to help my family out! If someone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need but shows no compassion--how can God's love be in that person?

you are spending more time at the office-1

over a year ago by Davey rozu Pray for me
Cancer Patients Celebrate Their Lives at Prom Richard BesserCold Flu "I didn't go to my sixth-grade prom. I didn't have one, so I'm happy," Harris said. "I want to dance around because I can't -- I've danced all my life, but I can't dance now." In the pediatric wing at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, "The Prom" is the year's main event. The prom, usually used in connection with the end of a school year, started at the hospital 15 years ago with a dozen young patients who were well enough to go to the playroom in the inpatient unit. There were no DJs <a href=>vivienne westwood melissa shoes size</a> and no dresses, but the patients would wear their hospital attire and enjoy their own version of a ritual that other kids their age enjoyed at the local schools. Now, about 80 young cancer patients a year count down the days until the party. This year, with the big bash only a few days away, the "question" loomed ever larger: What to wear? The young cancer patients get to borrow the fanciest of dresses and gowns, all donated from the Society for Memorial Sloan-Kettering. The children's and associates committees of the society help to solicit the outfits from individuals and designers through a host of efforts throughout the year. As the big day nears, pediatric staff and other volunteers work to set-up 'Promingdales' -- the in-hospital boutique. Here, the children can pick out their outfits and accessories, try everything on and get help with last-minute alterations and additions. A playful hand-painted sign that says "Promingdales" leads young prom-goers and their parents to an open area full of dresses, makeup, tuxes and other formal wear where children can "shop" for the perfect outfit. Melanie Rickles, who's 13 and in the midst of chemotherapy, could not wait. Though she's never been to a prom before, she hoped "it will be magical." These children could use a little magic. Many have endured months of painful treatments. They not only feel different but also look different. Many begin to socially "withdraw." The prom is designed to pull them back. Mothers remind their children that they will look "beautiful," and young girls can get excited about dressing up in pink dresses and flowing gowns. Dr. Farid Boulad of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center explained, "Because on that day, everything that has to do with cancer is gone. And they are the kings and queens and they're beautiful." Finally, on the big day, the organizers put on some last minute touches on the girls -- makeup and nail polish -- and the party can begin. With the hospital <a href=>vivienne westwood jelly shoes uk</a> cafeteria transformed into a ballroom, the prom becomes a unique experience. Shannon Callagy, a 16-year-old cancer patient, said, "When you don't really feel that well, you don't see anyone. But this is nice. We can all have fun here together."

This Can't Be Love (The Movie)

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
Lord I pray that you will send all the professionals, contacts, and financial provision necessary to make This Can't Be Love a success. That it will cross socioeconomic barriers and will be seen by people all over the world. That the message will be a blessing to those who need it and that the movie will change lives. I pray over every actress, actor, musician, crew member, producer, and entertainment professional that works on this project. I pray that you open up the windows of heaven and provide This Can't Be Love with uncommon favor and that This Can't Be Love will be an award winning box office hit that will be a financial blessing to all who gave their time and resources to make it possible.