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If a mad scientist gave you a time capsule and told you that you could go back in time to any two days in your past and change two things about your life, what would you change?

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on October 26, 2011 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (3)

If I could go back in time and change just one thing, I would probably return to my college days and I would have gotten on stage and performed Anita Bakers song instead of allowing fear to stop me The second thing I would change in that same time period is that I would have majored in nursing and graduate

How about you, if you could change just one thing about your life what would you change?:/

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on July 19, 2011 at 12:34 AM Comments comments (0)

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone, faced my fears head on, ducked all the negative comments from friends and family, and did something I really wanted to do. Today I entered a singing contest. It doesn't matter to me that there will be better singers than me, or better music videos than mine that will enter the contest. What makes me happy is that I stepped out of my comfort zone. You should try it. it's so refreshing. Do something that you really want to do. Ignore the fear that may try to creep up and strangle your dream. Ignore all the people who will try to step on the seed of your dream with negative words, just go ahead and do it. Today your assignment is to step out of your comfort zone. Watch my music video that I entered into the Budweiser Opening Act contest. The contest required us to sing acapella.

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The chapters in the book of your life journey

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on July 4, 2011 at 11:48 AM Comments comments (0)

Just like in a book, chapters in your life must always come to an end so that a new chapter can begin. And just like in a book, some of the characters in your life will continue on to the next chapter, and some won't. If someone leaves your life, just know that their part in the story of your life is complete and someone new will be waiting for you as you flip through the pages of your life journey. :)

A New Chapter

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on May 29, 2011 at 12:02 AM Comments comments (2)

Once again, I am turning the pages to a new chapter in my life. I always learn something new at the end of each chapter. In this past chapter I learned that when i put my mind to something and refuse to quit, I am usually successful.

Please tell me what city and state you live in.  Also please tell me about your creative gifts, and what makes you smile.

There are times when its very important in the public inter

Posted by Haag on Comments comments (0)
"Usually if you crash the tip to the sample, you do it by mistake, " says Yildiz. But the vanishingly small speck identified within the Large Hadron Collider last year, whose "spin" is this week confirmed to be Higgs-like, ought to be regarded with awe. As my personal statement put it, I was an ardent learner. The reason is: I treat Rupert's money like it is actually mine. The voltage produced by a standard silicon pv cell, about 0. The video went viral. In addition, a range of unusual words

are included with the text, words not used elsewhere by Shakespeare. This statement holds under very general as well as plausible assumptions. As for the movies, we know that the genre of the particular western was firmly established by about 1909. )#) and Braga to reach their very first European finals.
The decision to leave out Rooney had been both imperious and, probably, correct.
The algorithm, developed by Polina Golland, an associate professor of computer science, and graduate student Archana Venkataraman, extracts information from two different types regarding magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) reads.
defense contractor, said on Tuesday that quarterly profit increased a greater-than-expected 60 percent on higher sales of i .
t services and a one-time gain from selling stock inside a satellite operator. The sense of short-term

opportunism is increased by Rodman's image.
They were, he decided, ‚?????the most beautiful eyes

ever, ‚???? and he did everything in his capacity to keep her laughing and chatting at a party in late 2006.
Trevorrow takes over from Captain America's Later on Johnston, who directed the last instalment, Jurassic Park III, in 2001. "Geraldine adds: "Don't get stuck on the details that can lead to never-ending discussions.
Openness brings a lot of added dimensionality to be able to online.
Super Stickman Golf 2 (Free)With a lot more than 1m downloads, the original Super Stickman Golf has been a


hit with Android gamers.
And in Malawi, favoritism seems to run more strongly throughout the board: People from the president's ethnic group are about 4 percent more prone to have completed primary school, have a 1 percent lower infant fatality rate, and receive more vaccinations. "If you look at a satellite image from the state, or even just a map, " says Cooper, "you'll see it's peppered with little circular lakes and lots and a lot of sinkholes.
The observations were taken by a probe known as MESSENGER (short for Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry and Ranging), the first ever to enter orbit about Mercury. ‚???? The governor added, ‚?????We installed more than 100 megawatts of solar energy last year alone ‚?????? ranking us sixth this past year in total capacity added.
6bn per annum in the previous 2010 shelling out review, to the relief of the research neighborhood, which had been braced for significant slashes.
Some conservative clerics have even issued fatwas against married people being naked during sex. The School Board in Giles County, Va. The Office for National Statistics has reworked its quarterly growth figures for the start of last year to show a flat performance rather than previous estimates of a 0. Guess what. Professor Shankar Sastry, dean of the College of Engineering from UC Berkeley is lead principal investigator around the grant.
Angioplasty quickly became the standard treatment regarding narrowed arteries, but it is not always a long-term solution since the arteries can eventually collapse again.
‚???? Despite the impending threat of influence, the probes gathered high-resolution measurements, which Zuber and the GRAIL science group have since translated into detailed gravitational roadmaps. The mud grew thick. 3m laptops to schoolchildren. At issue is whether plaintiffs have the proper to sue when the products that harm them had met federal standards. "This cold war thinking, at this point, is about to cause a financial meltdown in europe. "I don't have to go to perform, really.
In both chips, the design of the antenna is the identical; in principle, the researchers could have built

tuning elements in to the antennas of the larger chip. I wasn't in a good place with my round of golf.
Going to private views gets your confront known and makes gallerists more sympathetic once you approach them with a proposal.
I'm waiting for your answer. Performing any

kind of brain function requires many neurons in various areas of the brain to communicate with each some other. An Episcopal bishop, whose diocese is moving toward splitting from your national church, was ousted from ministry. The use of aspirin significantly reduces the danger for cancer, but no one knows why.
"We are awash

with it, and it is very peculiarly British.
"For more info on In Place regarding War, see inplaceofwar. Changes stem from a desire at the most notable levels of the Obama administration to triage the war and concentrate on the overriding goal of ending the turmoil, a senior U.
Top Pentagon officials are to appear prior to the Senate and House Armed Services committees Tuesday and Wednesday to aid Defense Secretary Robert M. Rui Jin, an EECS senior who is developing an invisible charging technology for medical devices, explains why his research requires the period, training and technical facilities that the system provides. Deans has kept faith in O'Connor as well, picking him to play fly-half despite the fact, as the coach has said, he didn't have "a perfect performance" there the other day. The reception from the 30 or therefore students involved was very positive and we thought the results was great. ""I

have a gregarious personality, " Andrew  whispers.
Drawing together skills and experience in city planning, real estate, engineering and finance, the contest challenges students to come up with creative answers to real-world problems faced by specific organizations within the public and private sectors ‚?????? solutions you can

use as models for other organizations across industry. "We can see clearly on the screen they've moments of emotion ‚?????? laughter, anger, " says Camilleri.
‚????do. Both those titles are behind the speed of Dear John, which began its run in 2010 along with ??£1. At a time when government funding stays

limited, the capacity for government investment to influence additional income, whether matched funding from the institution or even from business more widely, seems likely to remain a priority.

to the next level, as it's upgraded more markets to the next-gen EV-DO Revision A regular.
Though he concedes both DuPont and Gru asked for their houses be painted black, he's resistant to any connection. "It's nice, " Winkleman says. But natural gas wells have problems: Large volumes of deep water, often heavily laden with salts and mineral

deposits, flow out along with the gas. " In his speech today, the president said that this view reflects a "fundamental not

enough faith in American business and American ingenuity". For example, materials can be made to last lengthier, or to serve more people. In experiments, a blindfolded harbor seal can detect the passage of your fish by using its whiskers to feeling changes in flow velocity ‚?????? even 25 seconds after its prey has passed through. But

I drew the line at killing.
Any time inflation bumps up rates, some sectors are proven winners.
At ??£9, 000 tuition fees, the least we lecturers can do is provide readable

and meaningful commentary to the students. 15 Kentucky looked like a young team peaking at the ideal time with a 72-58 semifinal victory above Alabama on Saturday. These

two types of inhibition also have different effects about the range of cell responses. It was an area, Walley writes in ‚?????Exit Zero, ‚???? where ‚?????neat lawns and never happening public assistance were quintessential points of delight.
The only movement comes from lorries having equipment and building materials, and buses ferrying workers in protective blue and white clothing to and in the plant.
Most parents look for ways to give their children an advantage, but many miss an

easy and frequently inexpensive recipe for success: eating together.
The team studied samples of chondrites, meteorites on Earth that have remained unrevised since their early formation. It is a fear of discipline, a fear of enforced concentration and hook hysteria about the nature of fun, " she said.
‚?????Ultimately, I secured a nearly free, world-class education at MIT. Executives at two Arlington companies have pleaded accountable after being accused of fraudulently obtaining greater than $31??†million in federal contract payments meant for disadvantaged small enterprises, the Justice Department said Monday.
There are three kinds of chocolate within these fudgy morsels, plus toasted pecans and sweet dried cherries. We need a much richer and

much more critical debate about both, along the lines perhaps of the newest Nuffield Council on Bioethics report on growing biotechnologies (http: //www.
A reduction in payroll tax ‚?????? the item of tech industry lobbying ‚?????? is increasing the influx.
"It's long overdue that they've agreed release a something, " San Francisco-based attorney Elliot Peters mentioned. ‚?????We have to get a more comprehensive comprehension
of the big picture, ‚???? Lee says. "I couldn't be more proud of the woman's. For example, could they get the electrolyte to decrease between the nanotubes and coat their floors.
They found significant loss of volume inside the substantia nigra early on, followed by loss of basal forebrain volume later inside the disease, as predicted by Braak. The Senate confirmed former Washington governor Whilst gary Locke (D) as commerce assistant yesterday, handing President Obama an easy victory after his first two nominees for that post withdrew.
" The entry states that

GCHQ "modified" a

current program so the NSA could "benefit" coming from what GCHQ harvested.
, passed a law that

would have banned the display of tobacco products in shops. In King Lear (a play  so differing in its quarto and Folio versions that it's often printed as two texts), Gloucester has been fooled into thinking which Edgar has conspired against him, and laments the treachery of the times (the language in italics show the Folio additions): In Cities, mutinies, Countries, discord; in Pallaces, Treason; and the Bond crack'd, 'twixt Sonne and Father. Will the controversial Europe-wide ban on neonicotinoids help the plight with the bee. BARBADOS Sometimes success breeds new problems.
"What we have here is a tiny community, but there are so many ideas that may be
tried out to see if they perform, which can then be adopted in a more impressive place, " Gnarr said, during an interview in which he handled on anarchy, hallucinations and the tedium of

Linguaphone conversations along with democratic reform. He begins as a nobleman in the actual court of Elizabeth I, and at 30 he falls into a slumber and wakes being a woman. I have one last contribution: a few days ago I received any copy of She Landed By Midnight, a new book from Carole Seymour-Jones informing the astonishing story of Secret Agent Gem Witherington. For example, they kept samples of the material at minus 20 degrees Celsius with an hour, then exposed them to a very damp environment. For example, Edgerton designed a camera he called a good ‚?????interruption camera, ‚???? which functioned when a passing ocean creature interrupted a light beam, triggering the camera shutter and its fast flash. BOSTON -- John Holland hit two free of charge throws with 2.
It's rather delightfully of its time but

it's also so extraordinary. "2" will be performed on Tuesday, Dec.
The Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday on whether a drug maker might be held responsible for severe injuries caused simply by its generic pain pill.
Orlando by Virginia WoolfOrlando, Woolf's fantastical biography, records the 400-year life of Lord Orlando, fl. ‚?????I shall miss his advice and lawyer.

As Pierre Moossa the NBC coordinating producer in charge of

Posted by Haag on Comments comments (0)
Furthermore, the movie itself is based on any much-loved children's fantasy series, Joseph Delaney's The Spook's Apprentice (referred to as The Wardstone Chronicles outside the UK).
So Bob wasn't driven by the moneyRemarkable revelations coming from Bob Diamond. In it, Cruise announced that Scientologists were "the authorities around the mind" and only they were truly qualified to assist car crash victims.
If a tinpot country like North Korea can't be stopped, where are we. Many people are excited today to understand 3-D printing and its ability to fabricate any kind of shape; Gershenfeld's group is already thinking about the following episode, where we don't just control the model of objects, but also their behavior. Hard as it may be to think, the recent discovery of thousands of pig carcasses floating in the Shanghai river may represent a step forwards in Chinese public health.
Alan Hatton and two others.
Then the scene shifts to a blasphemous "Last Supper" around the evening

of Feb. Typically, women with HIV are given antiretroviral drugs during pregnancy to minimise how much virus in their blood. Sometimes I even had to lay down on the ground in lectures to take notes and during my first teaching practice I was navigating my way round the classroom looking for the next desk to keep onto. Suspensions have previously been put in devote France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia, but the EC proposal would have utilized across all 27 member states. That's no longer a concern. We know that Google Glass alpha/beta merchandise performs today many of the functions that you can do on your smartphone but in a heads-up exhibit: voice activated activities such as directions/maps, video, photo, scrolling messages or search pages, etc.
Their results: a set of recommendations including a new clinic floor layout to boost safety and minimize congestion, and

a business strategy toolkit to examine growth. One is sex.
Both were adopted by American parents, and, five years apart, both died in the United States. 7 percent.
It was a one-off film looking in the state of the British class system within the early 60s, as told through the eyes of a diverse number of seven-year-old children. However, since then the government has not mentioned whether it supports such moves.
We're about to have three weeks regarding serious basketball fun.
With no business background, the motorcycle engineering graduate is one of the team of eight that won this year's Seedcamp award for that startup likely to have most impact. Lo??Įc R??©my's connection on the edge with the box was sweet, his technique flawless as he curled the ball first-time along with his instep of his right boot. " However, the results were

not available at Friday's meeting as the field trials have been seriously compromised through contamination from neonicotinoids. "The original signal is not synthetic, it's acoustic, " Zoran says.
One of the many promising applications of quantum mechanics inside the information sciences is quantum key distribution (QKD), in which the counterintuitive behavior of quantum particles guarantees that there is no-one to eavesdrop on a private exchange of information without detection.
For Winn, some of the more exciting discoveries happen to be of systems such as Kepler 11, a star more than 2, 000 light-years away. If the next 10 years are anything just like the last 10, the energy business is set to undertake some dramatic transformations. The Vancouver Canucks will host the Ottawa Senators inside a return of the Heritage Classic next period, the National Hockey League said on Thursday, adding a sixth date to the league's committed schedule of outdoor games. uk/film from 28 JuneRating: 5/5DocumentaryPeter Bradshawguardian. I don't mean to put the entire thing down;

it was very interesting

and revealing occasionally, but I wish it was a little bit braver. It was in the 71st minute from the first leg in Madrid, at 1-1, when the ball fell perfectly into Van Persie's path and he couldn't get a clean connection. The recent Warhol, Hockney and Da Vinci exhibitions at the actual Ferens gallery drew record crowds. "Fuck them, " she says.
But this weekend,

before a solo concert at the Royal Albert Hall later come july 1st, the violinist told the Observer she feels that more financially secure British children also face challenges that
will prevent them from finding the "deep satisfaction" which music has given her. The headline in AS called it: "The Road to the D??©cima. The work was funded by the Office of Naval Research and from the MIT Sea Grant College Program. Stymied by concerns about safety and price, the U. NEW YORK - The major oil companies racked up significant gains in net gain for the third quarter by charging more for oil than they could this past year and making money refining it. He searched for a graduate program which could give him a formal education in techniques thinking.

BraggAssisted dyingAlzheimer'sMental healthShiv Malikguardian. It's only a matter of time prior to deciding to do this exact thing yourself.
Paola Prestini organizes another collaborative work, as ‚?????The Violin‚???? is performed at Government Hall with multimedia components. Bah.
Campaigns by the big brewer Heineken and

also the hotel giant Hilton reward unsuspecting travelers together
with paid trips to unexpected places.
Follow live updatesMatthew Weaver But this is not always possible.
Awlaki was killed by the

US, and Choudary described him a martyr who had been now in paradise. Several years ago, Cima and Langer began working on an implantable chip that will dispense medicine inside the body, but which is controlled wirelessly from beyond

your body. "He added: "We want to see a tough self-sufficient self-regulator implemented swiftly. ‚?????Advanced vitality companies are creating economic value today and can create even more if we take full advantage of local resources. "The chemical companies that dominate the billion-dollar neonicotinoid industry, Bayer and Syngenta, were relieved.
These issues in turn drive development regarding new materials and structures, which can significantly impact reactor performance as well as effectiveness. Visit our University Ideas Bank for case studies of most winners. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105. A weekend teaser: thinking about the numbers can sometimes provide surprising answersOfficially, Alex Bellos covers the maths beat around here but I'm confident he doesn't have exclusive rights. All those down jackets and kayaks. The scientific study of personality is without a doubt a valid discipline, and there are many personality tests that seemingly endure to scientific scrutiny (thus far).
Both programs provide companies with opportunities in order to sponsor research, to initiate joint projects, and to keep abreast of the labs' investigation. The Center's goals are to: In a Sept.
"I know that it did all correct, and I was surprised by it. Twitter, in its statement on Friday, also vowed to continue to "fight towards racism and antisemitism". We're merging the value of minicabs using the efficiency and instant gratification of Uber. Susan got really ill: at the end, when she sings Wild and Untamed Part of the pool, she should have been under medical direction. I am always trying to enjoy in the event that we win, you can change nothing if you complain once you lose.
"But I think that even though I've been low with myself and my game sometimes, I can separate it and not remove it on the people around me.
President fghtes56 government move beyond cease-fire assertion and withdraw troops from cities captured simply by rebels or face "military action. To change the mechanical advantage of the particular rods ‚?????? to, say, power through mud or over bumps ‚?????? the consumer simply changes the position of his / her hands on the rods. Currently, 80 percent of money spent on energy in Massachusetts would go to out-of-state companies.
The chief executive of the ABPI, Stephen Whitehead, said last week that he would not react to 'PR-driven initiatives' such as AllTrials, yet seems to ignore the PR-driven nature of his or her own industry, writes Tania BrowneA couple of months ago I used this blog to speak about REACT trials. In a neighboring channel, he injects a gel, mimicking the body's extracellular matrix.
Last semester's resultsInstructors from last fall's three MITx classes ‚?????? tending to be offered again this spring ‚?????? are actually evaluating their experiences with the edX platform and hoping to build up new tools to improve student learning, both online and in the classroom. It might sound crazy, but I'm here to tell you in which even that hour spent playing mini-golf online could be helping your studies in the end.
The Dynamo broke their scoreless streak in emphatic fashion the other day. Our motorways may be public property, but our information superhighways are privately held. In fact when he learned that My partner and i was also a Cranbrook graduate, he started to chant our school's cheer beside me.
Mohammed Karrar was given a minimum tariff of two decades for the "dreadful offences" he committed from the girls.
PASCAGOULA, MISS. "No such vehicle has been demonstrated to date due to severe miniaturisation challenges that must be overcome with an insect-sized device, " they wrote. Imagine my horror when they cast 20-year-olds in order to play 13-year-olds. To add hydrogen atoms to levulinic acidity, a precious metal catalyst, usually

palladium or ruthenium, is needed. Although I knew that surgeons regularly use modafinil as an alternative for the ratty and short-lived perks regarding caffeine, and  so, too, do hundreds of sleep-deprived domestic airline pilots, Ivy League students (both  average and brilliant), many

of the brightest  minds in academe and hundreds of men and women in the US military, until that night, I'd never met anybody who'd used

the actual drug ‚?????? and wanted to know as much as Paul was prepared to tell me. This world had warmer oceans, featuring deep ocean temperatures 12 degrees Celsius more than now. " I shouted, "I'll never let you in, not if you beg for twenty many years. ‚???? The detection of such states, he says, was an ‚?????exceptionally difficult task. My first impression: This beautiful book was a gift.
Thomas Voeckler's courageous solo attack was dragged back at risk by the Italian Oscar Gatto, with Borut Bozic finishing second and the particular Australian Hayman third.
Student loans

are not as kind here as they are in britain. We speak on a daily basis.
" And he would say "Manchester U . s . is on" or "Arsenal is on", and I was amazed. But similar meshes could be used in order to filter water.
That's because Apple's iOS is locked down since it were (see what I did presently there) and doesn't allow third-party apps to adopt over the lock screen.
You can express yourself through the brand which is important when you are working for a brandname, ‚????

she says.
The 8 p.
Newspapers put prime minister on spot with rival regulation want to circumvent 'stitch-up'David Cameron is facing an acute political dilemma after a lot of the newspaper industry, made up of five of the nation's largest press groups, rejected cross-party plans for newspaper regulation and launched an audacious bid to create their own royal charter-backed body.
Perfect supersymmetry implies that particles and their superpartners possess the same mass.
The SIP workshop became a mandatory dependence on any student interested in working for MarketLab.

Controlled. 3) However, training for the World's Craggiest Face competition will take up considerable time, and Dorff has a girlfriend to think about.
A ??£20m programme to vaccinate 1 million children and teenagers across England may be announced.
agents and local police arrested and interrogated thought associates of Mexican drug cartels across america on Thursday in response to the killing of the U.
Not least because the judges have packed the dice. Olsen and his students worked with a family group of gels known as shear thinning hydrogels, which have a unique ability to swap between solid-like and liquid-like states. Allison M. That repertoire included large orchestral works through Bartok, Stravinsky, Copland and Ives, compositions by MIT faculty and student composers, and pieces more familiar to American audiences for instance Georges Bizet's "Carmen Suite" and symphonic dances coming from Leonard Bernstein's "West Side Story. Italian photographer Alessio Romenzi has been chronicling the particular Syrian civil war for months. Many South Africans appear to be slowly arriving at terms with the prospect of losing the daddy of the nation.
Her experimental procedure therefore consisted of simply adding silver nitrate with a vial of suspended nanotubes and then carefully taking the absorption spectrum from the mixture every 30 minutes for six hrs as oxidation proceeded. We meet inside the lobby of the Intercontinental hotel where the particular couple are staying.
We all know it when we notice it, but we don't necessarily

know why. As a dramatist, however, Morgan faces two problems. 30 Flying Pickets 5.
The research was supported by the MIT Middle for Excitonics, which is funded by the U. It's a

remote and wonderful place to while away heat of the day paddling in turquoise oceans.
How Gaby Hoffmann survived child stardom.
He said the prices were broadly much like those the UK government pays under the prevailing Renewables Obligation. "Social mediaSocial networkingPrivacy & the mediaFacebookInternetMyspaceTwitterJemima Kissguardian.
And of course, Reagan, the first president since Teddy Roosevelt in whose image is deliberately western and on horse back, knew what he was doing. ‚?????This result will

inspire field ecologists undertake a fresh look at the patterns they examine, to see if they may tease out critical information regarding fragility of different populations of threatened varieties. The Cabala is a love song for people whose mystery is proportionate to their prosperity ‚?????? but Mercury, messenger of the gods, is also a guide to the lifeless, and so

it becomes also a requiem for any world that was not long to survive the fantastic war. A common reminiscence about college concerns the actual
spontaneous philosophical conversations that occur in dorm hallways from 3am.
"Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister, entered the debate on Thursday when he or she insisted Su??°rez fully deserved a 10-match suspension with regard to biting

an opponent. As soon as the news was introduced, supporters gathered at the city's main rectangular, Plaza Bolivar,

and began chanting: "Ch??°vez vive, la lucha sigue" ‚?????? "Ch??°vez lives, the battle continues. ‚?????It is very important that we develop and test a couple of deflection techniques sufficiently so that we know we've a viable ‚?????toolbox' of deflection capabilities to implement whenever we inevitably discover an asteroid on an influence trajectory, ‚???? Johnson says. Tamsin GreigTelevisionThe ArchersRadioguardian. Sidney Freedman on the popular TV sequence.

Name One Good Thing That Happened To You in 2012

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on Comments comments (0)

I know that as a new year approaches, we are usually ready to say good bye to all trials of the past year. But I thought it would be cool to give thanks for the good things that happened. So name atleast one good thing that happened to you in 2012.:D